The 12-in-1 SALT

Upgrade your spice cabinet with the salt that replaces 12 herbs and spices. Loved by chefs and home cooks everywhere!

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    My fist jar was a gift, and as soon as I started running low I reordered! My Favorite seasoningsalt, it is delicious on literally everything!

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    I bought this yummy salt to add extra flavor to the meals I make for my family. I used it for a chicken and pasta dish and was so happy with how it turned out. And my teen son liked it too so that’s high praise! 😁

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    We love this salt! It makes the biggest difference and makes everything you put it on better. We are DONE using cheap iodized salt. This blend is so flavorful. The order process was super easy as well.

The only salt you will ever need.

Cooking can be an overwhelming experience. wordy recipes, long ingredient lists, and who even has the time to cook dinner anymore. We can fix all of that with our SALT
  • No more having to pull out your whole spice cabinet
  • No more having to figure out how to add flavor to your food
  • No more having to add seasoning with a product full of chemicals
  • No more guessing what to cook for dinner

Our Story

The am. NICCOLI brand was created out of chef Marco and Aubrey's love for food & each other. It was their goal to create a product that allows anyone to be a chef in their own home. am. SALT is made in small batches, locally, by real individuals for a purpose, to keep cooking simple.

Frequently asked questions

What do I put your salt on?

Our signature salt is good on everything from avocado toast to seasoning your favorite steak.

What are the ingredients in your salt?

am. Seasoning SALT is a universal cooking salt, made from a blend of flake kosher salt, herbs, and spices. We are proudly American small batch made.

Is there gluten in your salt?

we are free of gluten, sugar, MSG, chemicals, and anti-caking agents.

How long will the salt stay good for?

You can keep the salt in your pantry for one year.

Vanilla Bean Baking Salt

We have you covered when it comes to baking as well.


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